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This train has switchbacks

the way you get from Tokyo to Hakone is just a series of incrementally smaller trains

“I wish there was a place that was smokier than the shittiest Vegas casino and sounded like a hockey arena after a goal but all the time.”

let me introduce you to pachinko parlors

✓ ride the entire length of the yamanote line (but not all at once)

Airport fact:

"Sea-Tac" isn’t actually named after the cities it’s near, just a failed slang term for fish tacos.

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banned from the boba place for repeatedly insisting that they change their slogan to "tea is stored in the balls"

Ueno Park area museums are all closed today so I’ve mostly wandered and rode trains


Decided to see how far down the main street of Akihabara Electric Town I could walk before having Enough.

Two blocks.

great evening at an izakaya with the crew