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I'm a computer enthusiast living in Miami. I like cooking, computer security, education, shitposting, and reading sci-fi. Cishet white guy and trying to listen more.

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I'd like to add you to my shitposting network on Mastodon.

What? Are you trying to tell me
that I can Imagine Dragons?

No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you
that when you're ready, you won't have to.

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“Which way to the beach,” he asked, knowing full well which way the beach was as it was the way from which he came

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computer, positive 

`eleveldb` for erlang can almost write a leveldb that `leveldown` for node can read, just gotta `mv sst_0/000017.sst 00017.ldb`

standard caveat about not relying on this, no warranty, don't in production, etc. applies but it's good to know

drugs reference 

someone upwind of me is smoking that stinky

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(Morpheus voice) what if the bozo… is you? And the clowntown… is your life?
(Neo, slowly applying clown makeup) no… NO… it can’t be… NO

yeah i have a GAMING PROBLEM…
* how do i get a blue rose to grow
* oh my god that's a lot of steps
* nook's cranny doesn't sell rose seeds this time of year
* leif never comes by
* running out of space

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food beverage 

had egg tacos and now i'm drinking coffee

just found out last night that they actually opened berlin brandenburg airport, no more tegel hexagons

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