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I'm a computer enthusiast living in Miami. I like cooking, computer security, education, shitposting, and reading sci-fi. Cishet white guy and trying to listen more.

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I'd like to add you to my shitposting network on Mastodon.

is there an Android you can use a SDR with?

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So I work at a hotel that serves free breakfast and dinners (for guests*), though the dinners are only mon-thu.
If you're ever looking for a free meal, I'd recommend checking out if there are hotels near you that do the same. I'm going to reply with a few tips to keep in mind in case you're nervous/unsure how to pass as a guest.
1. Dressing how you would if you just woke up is fine. 100% normal. Some people get ready before breakfast, but tons don't.

Did you know, you can narrow down the suggestions from the firefox address bar using the following characters :

☁️ to search random thoughts

👻 to search nightmares

🛹 to search song lyrics from the Tony Hawk skateboarding games

🐱 to search the wisdom of cats you’ve met

💩 to search for things you’ve dropped in the toilet

are there emojos for the normal & tuxedo winnie the pooh? want 'em for a rpoject that's not specifically this

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Rolling through my neighborhood in a souped up golf cart, blasting the brown note

running out of shady area on the balcony, might have to go inside :/

“Now I want a T-shirt with [the Jefferson tree of liberty quote] on it with a circle and a line through it. Don’t say this to me.” Lmao street fight radio

Obi-wan kenobi skulking around on the Death Star but Current Affairs article titles pop up every time he looks at something

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