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100 pages into "American Kingpin" and it’s so much fun, I wonder what happens to this wacky Ross Ulbricht character!

next week on black mirror: some startup's "lifetime value" calculation ends up perfectly predicting users' deaths, and management debates how to use this

why isn’t there a “hot dog stand” style for pygmentize

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let’s all go to the birdsite user store

just saw a steam shovel driver push the bucket into the ground to unload the treads before rotating the machine around

you ever stop to think about how the mail works

it's really cool, you buy a sticker for less than a buck, put it on a card or letter, put it in a mailbox, and it shows up somewhere else in the world a few days later

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my friend, talking about cycling across the US at a bar under the departure path from the major international airport: you miss a lot driving across the country
me: wait until you hear about how much you miss on one of those noisy 🅱️ois up there

yesterday morning me: "wow the USPS uses some intense jpeg compression on these emails"
week ago politician: "you can print a jpeg, right?"

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pg_dumpall > mastodump-`date +%s` the prostgres user will save a datestamped dump of the entire Masto db. You can then gzip that and copy it wherever you like to keep backups.

fyi I'm okay, I never go out near FIU

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too many version numbers
not enough MCs

Sunday me: pretty glad the only clocks I have that don’t set themselves are my car and the stove
Thursday morning me, waiting for breakfast: oh hey my rice cooker