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I'm a computer enthusiast living in Miami. I like cooking, computer security, education, shitposting, and reading sci-fi. Cishet white guy and trying to listen more.

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I'd like to add you to my shitposting network on Mastodon.

yeah I want a MAN CAVE…
Everyone in the house should be able to enjoy it

Just saw a squirrel fall out of a tree, and then get chased around by a black and white cat

troubling food question 

Why is tofu from the store so wet?

food, rude 

know what? fuck you!
*toughens up your chicken tendies*

Lifetime ban from the poetry festival for wanton plagiarism of Judas Priest lyrics

can definitely taste the msg in the granola i made monday


i survived

it was good

but damn it was spicy

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imagining doing a 40 minute video essay about that marvel movie i saw where i missed several minutes of it because i had to use the toilet


ok this isn’t too bad, added some Sichuan peppercorn oil too, which helps

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figuring out if I can cut the spiciness with cheap sausage and an egg

just thought about the way simon gruber says "Holy Toledo!" in die hard 3

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