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I'm a computer enthusiast living in Miami. I like cooking, computer security, education, shitposting, and reading sci-fi. Cishet white guy and trying to listen more.

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I'd like to add you to my shitposting network on Mastodon.

demonic imagery 

imagining "i'm dr. steve brule, and we're in hell at kandrungus sanctum"

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There isn’t a plural for emoji, because it’s actually a plural word already. If you’re talking about a single one, you’re supposed to call it an emojus. 🧐

damn, they made the video for Kanye West's "Stronger" into an anime

food adjacent 

a good friend of mine went to a bakers against racism event a couple months ago, and since one of the bakers only sells pastries once a week on instagram, he's been using that as an excuse to go on long saturday rides

and i'm on his way home so he usually stops by for a (masked and distant) chat and to lighten his load of a couple pastries

it feels like a really animal crossing type deal :3

covid, business 

full quarter of big roni and grubhub still can't turn a profit, $460m revenue and a loss of $45m

make it up in volume clowns

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recommendation algorithms exposing you to ever more extreme versions of your existing biases are basically irl flanderization send tweet


fried rice: it's for breakfast

put some fresh green onions in too

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The stock market is a reminder that most of the money that’s moved is never in service of people who need it the most and justifies the elimination of systems that keep it up. (

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what should i do with the crabgrass that volunteered in one of my plant pots?

alcohol, bad idea, do not do this 

Making a Manhattan but all out of cocktail bitters? Swirl a Nintendo Switch cartridge around in the glass for a minute!

computer negative 

guy at microsoft: what if windows made a chime every sixty seconds for the fifteen minutes before a meeting, that'd be great

what should i do with the crabgrass that volunteered in one of my plant pots?

Imagine if Pitbull was Mr. 306 instead and instead of a song where he spells out “M-I-A-M-I” he had to spell out “S-A-S-K-A-T-O-O-N”

Many dogs, cats
Many flowers, parks
Why so many parks
Flowers, cats, dogs

dang, this is way too many emergency vehicles to be in a residential area at midnight on a weeknight

sorry for gratuitous starbursts on the first pic

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