ok how do I generate an X.509 public key with web crypto

@bonzoesc Is there just some sort of primer on what all these acronyms mean

@mark i still have no idea what that acronym means

as i understand it, asn.1 is the serialization format that most x.509 things expect

@bonzoesc I thought there'd be an easy way to just output the certs. I'm so close but I need to convert the public key here from "BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY" to "BEGIN PRIVATE KEY"


This is my current boulder to roll up the hill

@mark haha

i'm not sure you can turn a public key into a cert without a bunch of extra information

@mark the CN, O, OU, and C the form there asks for, plus the public key go into the cert body; the private key signs it, but doesn't get inserted into the cert (that'd defeat the point)

@mark on the plus side that page has source to do the asn.1 stuff

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