#btw is it possible and/or would it make sense to have a #mastodon instance behind a #hiddenservice? #tor
I guess #nobody will be able to follow that instance as no other instance can deal with #onion urls?

@martin I feel like someone's researched that and had some success?

@bonzoesc not that i know. i just know someone who'd like to have a #mastodon instance behind an #onion url ;-)


@martin i might search history once I figure out how to do pg full text on mastodon

@bonzoesc @martin just came across this thread late - I believe @Sir_Boops set up tor-enabled access to their instance

@djsundog @bonzoesc @martin

Pure tor instance?

Onion enabled instance?

dark fedi enabled instance?

idk what y'all are looking for Uwu

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