I just realized using otg to get an android phone online using a USB LTE modem is probably a hold my beer kind of head scratcher

there is a good reason: when the phone cant speak the necessary wireless frequencies used in an area. it couldnt work as a phone. just a WiFi enabled tablet. or using an otg LTE modem that speaks the proper frequencies in the area

@kemonine it's no less strange than tethering to a friend's phone who has a local SIM

@bonzoesc I think that's a bit less absurd than having a phone hooked up to an LTE modem because it can't speak local frequencies.

Usually you'd just get a phone that can speak the necessary frequencies, even if it's a non-local sim card

If that makes sense

@kemonine i mean, owning a usb LTE modem (that's not a wifi hot-spot too) is something i'm not familiar with

had a EV-DO one at work 12 years ago, but since then just the wifi boxes

@bonzoesc Oh, I've kept a few around over the years as it helps keep things agnostic.

Also keeps people from breaking into any WiFi hot spot's that those hockey puck style LTE "modems" provide.

I work in healthcare though so my paranoia levels are a little higher than most.

Having one also helps me with some stuff I'm doing with my lollipop cloud device(s) at times.

@kemonine heh i only own an LTE hot-spot because of a project i was helping run on the floor at , i figure wpa2-psk with a good key is good enough to run a VPN over

@bonzoesc good for vpn definitely.

I also find WiFi is almost always pollutted for spectrum.

that and the one LTE modem I have is a pair of 9DBI antennas (if not 9, a similarly huge number) 😉

im known to go off the grid internet wise on a fairly regular basis and having a dedicated modem with awesome antennas helps in spits where you move between dead zones
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