Cold, turned up heat, wasn't warming up very fast

Static back pressure from dirty furnace air filters. Changed them, went back to bed.

Now that I have an ERV I might go back to fiberglass filters. They let the system run much more efficiently and now that I have a constant source of fresh air entering the system I think filtering allergens and small particles is less of a concern because it's not a closed air system anymore.
for anyone that wants the visual:

I opened the access panel to get to my filters and they were bending inward and being sucked by the blower in such a comical way you'd think it was CGI from 1996's Twister. All it needed was a flying cow.

My air register was hot to the touch upstairs but only a whisper of air coming out. I wonder how many fires start from hot ducts due to lack of airflow?

Then again most people buy the cheap fiberglass filters unless they have health concerns, so... maybe not likely.
My Ecobee will actually send me emails like "hey dude, i think your furnace is broken because we've had it on for a long time but your house isn't getting warmer" which I had happen once last winter.

@feld oh huh thanks for the reminder to check my filter situation

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