Hey, #FountainPen/#FountainPens people, what are the most well-behaved inks you know of for average-quality paper? I'm thinking of buying my nephew a fountain pen as a gift, but I'm not sure what's the most universal ink for most papers/notebooks found in office-supply stores. I'd probably like it in black or else blue (water-resistant, if possible, but not necessary). Thanks.

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The pen is a Taiwanese brand (Pen Links). It has a Schmidt nib & converter. The Platinum ink is somewhat water-resistant. Not sure what it'll be like on average paper, though.

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@SlowRain nice! i've enjoyed all the rhodia books i've used

i've found pilot iroshizuku inks to work well with paper, but they're not as dramatic as the j. herbin 1670 emerald of chivor

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