a lady was hanging CDs in her favorite trees and bushes to try and keep this particular iguana from eating them

saw this big stripey iguana in a place i hadn't seen one before; i chased them out of the street because a car was coming

not sure it's a green iguana (species), the tail looks spinier than the green ones

a couple cats were watching this other big iguana from the shade; this is the same spot i've often seen these cats and peafowl

talked to a guy near this kapok tree, he said that the fuzz from the seed pods (the parrots disassemble them, must be food inside) clogs radiators on cars and A/C units

i don't think this is big red but they sure do look a lot like big red and are in the same place

i finish this thread with something baffling, per-unit a/c compressors for a few commercial spaces inside their upstairs parking garage

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