watching the 37signals meltdown has been very :stonk: and very :sicko:

champagne to my real friends that're out of there, real pain to the sham friends of the community that made it happen


basecamp discourse 

seeing the list of stuff that's falling out of maintenance is mostly :stonk:

hope nobody was really depending on "Prototype, Sprockets, Pow, rbenv, ruby-build, Turbolinks, xip․io, Trix, Stimulus, Action Text, Turbo, and Hotwire" c.f.

basecamp discourse 

like, uh, i know rbenv and ruby-build aren't so much sam's thing anymore, but i do like them, and hope there're still the normal (easy, version-tracking) updates to them

basecamp discourse already broke integration tests in some places, not mine, but lol

basecamp discourse 

turbolinks? was never a fan

trix, stimulus, turbo, hotwire: same deal, i still like my rails apps 2005-style mostly

actiontext: lol that is literally a rails feature, glwt

basecamp discourse 

like, i still love rails and will probably keep using it as much (as little) as i do, but as soon as anything websocket flavored comes up, i'm going to probably have to get up to date with elixir phoenix

basecamp discourse, "politics" 

when the two company founders ban "politics" what they're banning isn't politics but any discussions they don't like, in a way that's not as actionable as when the barstool sports bozo threatened retaliation for union organizing

basecamp discourse, "politics" 

the continued existence and participation in society of a lot of people is "political" by no choice of their own

when anyone in power from florida's monstrously evil governor to another garden variety small business tyrant makes rules about talking about how they use their power, it's time to remove their power

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