went out with the camera for some around 11a, trying to find iguanas

so enjoy this iguana-heavy thread, which starts with a brown curly-tailed lizard

a lot of baby iguanas were out

took a knee to get a different perspective on this first one, and when i stood back up one that was too close to photograph finally noticed i was there and sprinted for the bushes

it's the shedding season for these little ones, the white flaky stuff is just dead skin

first one's climbing a psychotria nervosa plant


non-iguana interlude

didn't see any peafowl today, but there were a lot of loud work trucks out so they were probably elsewhere

couple more iguanas from a different park, in more natural settings than at the docks or iguana tree

found a little path out to a dock that i hadn't seen before, and startled a big red iguana

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