went out around 10a for some

when i went out a few days back without a battery in my camera, i talked with a guy at the marina about when iguanas wake up, so that was my second stop this morning, after seeing this li'l heron at the boat ramp

when i got to the iguana tree, a dog spooked them into the trees, but that's alright, had the big lens too

went up the hill, looking for peafowl, and saw this peacock

a fedex truck blew through while i was getting the camera out (trying out a more waterproof but slower to use bag)


saw a monarch butterfly and decided to try to capture them (on film (actually digital))

someone in a brand new bronco waited for me to take the first pic here from across the street, pretty nice of them

went back downhill (had to go to the store), and one of the marina regulars had left some pineapple scraps out

got to watch this iguana come down out of the tree once they were confident i wasn't gonna bother them

the iguanas aren't too worried about smaller birds, but the birds are careful to stay out of tail-whip range

my mammal brain sees these pics and reads a lot of emotional intent into them, possibly not what the lizard is thinking


realized i had to wander off and get to the store and then back to work, but it was a good walk regardless, thanks for joining me!


@bonzoesc I didn't realize they sold Moxie in Florida, most places outside of New England it doesn't exist.


the lizard is watching you to see if you are a threat

@bonzoesc the other day I was driving and someone had two plastic skeletons attached to the front grill of their Jeep and one was missing it's head. 🤣

re: butterfly 


I would have liked a bit more saturation and maybe 1/3 stop darker

@bonzoesc Nic shots. Last weekend one of these shat all over me and my lunch. I learned my lesson to always look up in the tree above me first. My girlfriend got a good laugh anyways.

bird poop 

@bit_tyrant_resistor if you think the heron shits big, peafowl are notorious for it around here, and they’re more numerous and love to hang out in yards and around houses

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