went out around 10a for some

when i went out a few days back without a battery in my camera, i talked with a guy at the marina about when iguanas wake up, so that was my second stop this morning, after seeing this li'l heron at the boat ramp

when i got to the iguana tree, a dog spooked them into the trees, but that's alright, had the big lens too

went up the hill, looking for peafowl, and saw this peacock

a fedex truck blew through while i was getting the camera out (trying out a more waterproof but slower to use bag)


saw a monarch butterfly and decided to try to capture them (on film (actually digital))

someone in a brand new bronco waited for me to take the first pic here from across the street, pretty nice of them

re: butterfly 


I would have liked a bit more saturation and maybe 1/3 stop darker
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