enjoyed Vizcaya so much yesterday I decided to go back for more , this time with the 24-105mm instead of the 100-400mm

spent a bit of time inside, since I took the train there and wasn't all hot and sweaty mom's spaghetti

there's a courtyard that's been enclosed much more recently, which is a really pleasant place to be in

some garden aesthetic (how do I make the wide "aesthetic" (I actually know how I just don't feel like it))

lots of great statues, and opportunities to get good starbursts too (9-bladed aperture bay bee)

tried to get this statue to starburst, but clouds blocked the sun, so I found someone else interesting about them

did some squats trying to get this flower framed right, and that tired me the hell out lol

selfie, weird food, beverage 

took the train back towards home, said hi to the iguana tree gang, got some fruits (not this one, too weird), and a soda

thanks for joining me!

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