More birds

Can you find the blue jay in the third image before looking at the fourth? I had a hard time tricking the camera into focusing

Lizards with flaky skin mid-shed 

It’s iguana shedding season I guess

Last three pics are the big guy “King” down at the iguana tree

Lizards with flaky skin mid-shed 

@bonzoesc few things look more like a product of evolution to me than this thing

@warriorstar honestly for me peafowl do haha

like the iguana seems like a critter that just kind of found a niche and mostly didn’t have to evolve much (probably wrong)

but the peafowl ended up with completely ludicrous plumage to get attention for mating and also to show that the owner of that plumage didn’t get eaten by a leopard despite the drag of their train and generally being a loud lout

@abetterjulie thanks! it's so hard with the yellow-chevroned parakeets because they're so hard to see in that tree until they move, and i have a hard time perceiving their destination and retargeting the camera haha

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