but i haven't really developed more than this one picture yet

(it's actually two, the birds didn't coöperate with me)


this is the top peacock from the previous pic, first one here is definitely my photo of the day


saw a few cool spiders on webs, and managed to get pics i liked of two

butterfly, bee (separate pictures) 

the purple and white flowers here are right next to each other, basically in the cluster to camera left of the first pic here: m.bonzoesc.net/@bonzoesc/10809

some good iguana viewing today

the big guy here was begging for food from some old guys, but eventually chased this younger one down the seawall

the second and third pics are literally a second apart, would've taken a video if i'd known


when i took this first one, i only saw one of the two iguanas

i did specifically frame the second one to catch both the iguana and the agama

wondering if this is an agama and if their colors are just coming in weird

cute and patient with me at least

i leave you with this cormorant, first supervising swimming far out in the bay, and then just kind of hanging out

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