just watched the chronicles of riddick for the nth time (less than twelve, more than six)

coming in the replies

chronicles of riddick movie review, no spoilers 

what a stupid movie, just remarkably dumb

also it kicks ass

but the fight cinematography is awful, like i've seen worse but it's not good


chronicles of riddick movie review, no spoilers 

vin diesel is very vin diesel, a guy who got incredibly mad when everyone realized that there's a more energetic and engaging actor that's basically the same guy in some of the same movies literally named "the rock"

chronicles of riddick movie review, no spoilers 

i'm pretty sure the cut i watched is different from the theatrical cut too, there're a bunch of scenes that should've been in the theater because i remember being very confused by the theatrical cut

chronicles of riddick movie review, no spoilers 

★★★★★ five stars for "the chronicles of riddick"

a stupid movie terribly made but it does kick ass

barely spoilers, chronicles of riddick 

ok i have more to say about this

it's actually great to see a sci-fi movie in a different setting (war hamper 4000 with the serial number filed off sure) with new shit going on that takes itself completely (vin diesel voice) dead serious

palace intrigue, standoffs, knife fights, dude getting killed by a teacup, it's got it all

chronicles of riddick movie review, no spoilers 

Sounds like a more professional version of Hardcore Henry


@Linux_in_a_Bit hardcore henry was an interesting music video but too long, with a threadbare plot

chronicles of riddick was the writers writing a check the rest of the production couldn't cash, it's just so *dense* and it's good that there are video games based on it


I guess that was almost the point of Hardcore Henry.
Intresting about the Chronicles of Riddick's writing, because I wonder not just what *could've* been, but what could be, in the form of maybe some sort of big budget remake. That sounds like it would be really cool.
I actually first heard of the movie when looking through old OG Xbox games, so yeah, the games somewhat cashed that check :)

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