For me, picking a text editor theme is like buying a car, ideally you do it less than once a decade

@bonzoesc Definitely changed my car more frequently than my text editor theme 😁

@moonglum @bonzoesc i bought a new car last month and now I am worried if I should start looking for a new editor theme 😅

@bitboxer @moonglum @bonzoesc we got rid of our car a few years back, does this mean I have to ditch my editor theme too? Or do I have to change my editor theme twice as often to make up for it? 🤔

@moonglum @bonzoesc @thegcat that means you are stuck with the theme you have now 😅

@moonglum @bitboxer @bonzoesc @mkhl so how do I use this with fish, tmux, vim, diff-so-fancy, …? 😬

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