you GOTTA upgrade the software on your computer or someone may hack you, and steal all your money. so make sure to ALWAYS update your computer.

btw, sometimes when you update your computer, it'll ask you if you want to replace some important-sounding script youve never heard of yet have apparently changed

this means you now have to work out:

-what the script is
-what it does
-what "your" changes do/mean
-what their changes do
-which set of changes to keep

good luck!

so i restarted my computer after that upgrade


fucking hate linux !!!!!!!!

why did me upgrading my system remove the font that i use. why??? what the fuck is going on??? can someone explain how and why this can or should happen

turns out that whatever it is i upgraded reset the contents of /etc/fonts to the default. why?? who knows

/etc/fonts, if you are not aware, has the weirdest way of configuring shit (by which i mean, bad, since i only understood what the fuck was going on because i'd already had to troubleshoot an issue with it 6 months ago), you have all of these xml files and they have names like 70-no-bitmap-fonts or 70-yes-bitmap-fonts and to enable bitmap fonts you copy the file from one folder to another


well what the fuck does a linux developer know about type or why people use it? Have you seen the state of desktop publishing and graphic design? You must have.

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