alcohol reference, food 

anyways i went out for tacos at sunset

tried the new place that has a "secret" (very obvious and everyone knows) tequila lounge out back

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food and alcohol references 

otherwise business as usual, restaurants open or taking deliveries

("ariete" in the second pic has a michelin star, and "chug's" in the third has a michelin bib gourmand)

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the old "cocoanut grove" (note the "a") neighborhood apparently bid high for landscaping contractors, it was messy but lots of guys were moving palm fronds around

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ok some post from this morning

park will probably be flooded for the forseeable future, there's no real drainage and idk drainage could even be built without completely remaking it

the area around the sculptures is completely waterlogged, got my socks and shoes wet 🥴

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Fully in post mode around here, gunk on the sidewalks and streets but everything is back to business as usual

More pix later

day here, although it's not at all bad in Miami

park across the street was flooded around noon, but it does that pretty easily

bike-able by 5pm though

selfie, with eye contact 

wanted ice cream, so i got some cosplay components and ventured out

first place i wanted had closed a half hour prior, second place was getting ready to close but still serving

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Ian hasn't been bad in Miami so far, lots of rain, some thunder, lots of wind

i was worried about spooking this iguana, down in the swamp where i hadn't seen one before

they weren't spooked or even really afraid of me at all

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