Watching this video ( ) from BVG (Berlin’s transit agency) and the typewriter guy 20s in is at my favorite coffee shop (The Barn roastery in Prenzlauer Berg) at my favorite spot to sit (my pix are eight months apart)

the morning's

went sepia with the dip pen, got a handle on how much i need to dip it in the future

put the empire red in the 2.4mm parallel and had a lot of fun with it; looks particularly watercolor where it dries thick

other pens too

tonight's &

need to refill the small vial for the iridescent blue

spent some time working on a gothic "B" that I'm happier with than the one I had been writing; check out that gothic "S" in "Satellite" too

the cursive stuff went well too; the Noodler's Empire Red in the Sheaffer took a dunk to start, but the Pilot Iroshizuku inks in the other ones got going right away

video soon at


Down to just a few last to-dos for the vine planter.

(All the images are a large wooden planter on wheels in bright sunlight; the planter is made of randomly-arranged boards in “surfboard yellow” and “tropical sea” turquoise)

doom (the game) 

doom (the game) 

the first "A" in "Ancient Aliens" looked really cool while it dried

tonight's and

the iridescent blue ink with the dip pen is hard to photograph with my lighting setup; came to the realization that i need to match the writing size to the nib size

did some batarde hand with the 3.8mm parallel, kind of got to a point where going fast made me write better (the last two lines of that); works great with that ink as always

opened the pilot metropolitan with the medium calligraphy nib, that might be a very frequent pen for me

Moved this basil plant into a bigger pot; not a fan of how lopsided it wants to be, so I might rotate it on a schedule

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