absolutely wonderful Chart Party

Brad Nessler: "Here comes the punting unit."
Dolphins fans: "BOOOOOOOOOOO"

logic analyzing the range sensor in the flood detector

"Dogs: Why We Need Them." -scare off wolves, herd sheep, triumphantly hold up ducks after we shoot 'em
"Why They Need Us." -door handles, food bags

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i think i forgot to post saturday's so here's that and sunday's too

i don't know how to write cyrillic but dammit i try

they’re testing the sound system for the art festival with truly execrable music and I have my windows open

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refilled the 2.4mm pen and forgot how to spell "New Zealand" at the same time 😆

“Hey Mike! I just got sign off on a banner for your new resta- awesome, I’m glad you’re excited! Anyways, I ju- yes, it’s very soon! I know there’s lots of work. Anyways, you haven’t actually told me what it’s called.”

Wednesday evening

couldn't get that Elon Musk meme (attached) out of my head the whole time

decided to write a couple postcards and a letter too

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finished a flood sensor today, testing it over the weekend (with a bucket because my balcony doesn’t flood)

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