went back home for the 100-400mm lens in the hopes the crocodile was still there, but it was just this heron

saw a tree that just screamed "you tried" to me, and wrapped up this small adventure

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walked down to the barnacle state park, it's older and not as lavish as vizcaya, but still neat to take a few steps off a busy street with restaurants and be in the jungle

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seeing the crocodile was a surprise on this walk, so i only had the 35mm lens and my phone; so here's a crop from the wide angle shot lol

(saltwater, snout shape, and other peoples' comments make me think they're a crocodile)

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food adjacent 

getting ready to stick it to Big Green Onion :sicko:

drugs reference 

left, had lunch, went and talked to one of the regulars down at the iguana tree, but only one of the lizards felt like coming down for food

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thought i saw a possum or something through a railing, but this iguana was there once i had the camera drawn

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started my day with

took a different route through the gardens at vizcaya to see if i'd see things differently


it's cold[1] out so i made[2] some chicken noodle soup[3]

1: 70°F
2: reheated from a frozen batch
3: chicken paitan ramen

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