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bonzoesc @[email protected]

second of two drills, and tomorrow I catch up!

just love it when you can escape, run around the corner, and wait

i swear half the reason to use missiles is to make opponents make brash moves

*banging knife and fork on table* TEAM WIPE TEAM WIPE TEAM WIPE

what i tried on my second practice was keeping my elbow off the desk (by moving the paper closer to the edge instead of up between the keyboards) and that seemed to work well

still getting caught up on today, this is the first of two

had some trouble getting the MUJI fine started, and did an experiment where I kept the heel of my palm up (you'll notice)

still love to use the corner on the 1.5mm parallel

rusty at this and I’m working on catching up practice

airplane has that inkling eyeliner