dealing with the boat ramp on a sunday afternoon looks like a lot of work

thanks for joining me for some !

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saw a bee on a firebush (hamelia patens), and a couple green anoles on wild coffee (psychotria nervosa, not affiliated with coffeea arabica)

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went down to the park and marina just now for a little wander

didn't catch any of the m32 world races, but a couple of the boats hadn't been packed for travel yet

the capsized boat the crocodile was on last week (c.f. ) had vanished

some nice clouds and other stuff too


Hell yeah, movie night with friends! Rip and tear…

this is the part where i heard the rooster and got distracted from the colors by loud birds

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went up to shake-a-leg since i'd heard the rest of the boats were up there

also checked in on the iguanas even though i knew they were wound down for the night

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wanted to go out again to see more of the racing boats, thanks to some intel from @lenary

made sure to go late enough i'd catch the golden hour and sunset too

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swung through the big park, saw a couple young iguanas, a racing boat, checked on the crocodile, and headed back home

thanks for joining me!

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i'm pretty sure i caught "King," one of the two big male iguanas, booting a couple other ones off tree branches; i know i watched them splash into the water and swim off in the midst of these first two shots

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tried and failed to take a picture of a monarch butterfly that wouldn't land, and didn't find any peafowl, so enjoy these hallowe'en decorations

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