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Saturday morning

I think my writing's a bit more wobbly in the mornings, either gonna have to write before coffee or just in the afternoon?

love this ink though: the color, the way it's a bit darker where it pools, the sparkles

caught up on the month of

you probably can't tell from the angle but the sparkly bits of the rouge hematite really came in

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second-last day of multi-posts before I'm caught up

the 1.5mm pen was starting to run out of ink on the first page; I had a moment's fun with the 2.8mm before realizing i was out of space for the rest of the word, and for the second page reloaded the 1.5mm with J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite (same as the preppy i've been doing cursive work with)

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did, like, one day of in vegas, so i've got a few days of multi-posts to catch up

probably good, fell out of practice a bit

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