had a nice hour of tonight, mostly demoscene stuff

the dip pen (blue) really needs me to reload its ink vial, it's mostly empty and being obnoxious on the way to kicking completely

really happy with the shape I converged on with the sepia "Razor 1911" iterations

today's was writing my thoughts about

the tl;dr is i had a lot of fun, and there're parts of it i'd like to make happen at other events

Friday afternoon

streamed this and decided to use the dip pen for a whole page; getting more comfortable with it, narrating what I’m doing helps I think

the parallels continue to impress me. the “b” in the second purple “Orb” I lifted the pen between the down and down-right stroke, but was careful and you can’t tell; hoping to see it in the replay

last practice of the decade!

feel more confident with the dip pen than yesterday, still using the same blend of blue iridescent ink & water

video at youtu.be/isHMehyqq-A

transferred the blue dip pen ink to a separate vial, and diluted it 1:1 with water; seems to behave better, but it's of course not as vivid; shimmery though!

i feel like i'm able to control the parallel more, not sure if it's just because it's less quirky and all around a better pen than the dip pen or if it's because i'm more comfortable with its quirks

got the empire red and yama-budo in rotation too


the two red pens are behaving… for now

the blue dip pen ink, i'm wondering if i need to thin it out or something


noticing more how the blue ink works mechanically with the dip pen

the empire red in the muji & sheaffer pens are behaving more since i used them both yesterday and today

got the kakuno refilled with the iroshizuku yama-budo, looks great

and today's

dealing with the empire red in two kinda fussy pens, but i'm fine

Monday morning

It’s a lot easier to fade fine lines in and out of a full-stroke line with the parallel than the dip pen

sunday and i felt like writing the name of my mug

writing with the calligraphy book from the library open is a good strat

dip pen with sepia, 3.8mm parallel with emerald of chivor, 2.4mm parallel with parallel brown, lamy safari with pilot iroshizuku kon-peki, and muji with noodler's empire red


rearranged my writing area a bit once i realized why i was having trouble keeping things straight

compared the two blues in rotation too; the top two lines are the pilot iroshizuku kon peki, bottom two are the lamy blue

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