dip pen, 3.8mm parallel, 2.4mm parallel, the usual

wrote one line with the lamy nexx in lamy blue, and then two lines with the lamy safari with the iroshizuku kon peki blue to compare; the kon peki's a bit lighter, but still easy to read

pretty sure the emerald isn't going to work in the preppy, like the sparkles are getting stuck somewhere

hadn't used the kakuno in a week so it was a bit hard to start

one thing i love to do while is to have to futz with a cartridge and accidentally get a bunch of water everywhere

wrote a few lines with the dip pen

put some apparently sepia-colored ink in the 2.4mm parallel

and emerald of chivor in the 3.8mm parallel

put the pilot iroshizuku kon peki (blue) in the lamy safari

and emerald in the preppy medium but it's not behaving yet (gotta mess with it more)

let the noodler's empire red sit in the muji too long

lamy nexx w/ lamy blue

still on the prompts from november, picking and choosing the most interesting and hellish ones

and gosh this tram stop near where i stayed in amsterdam after is definitely hard for an english-literate person to write

more comfortable with the dip pen than i felt yesterday

didn't bother with the 6mm parallel, but the 1.5mm does well even if it feels imprecise due to ink motion

did a few lines with the sheaffer wide-nib fountain men

and a few lines with the lamy nexx too

don't have a prompt list for december so i grabbed one i missed from november

getting back into the dip pen after a few weeks barely using it

put some red from the 3.8mm parallel in the 6mm parallel (otherwise purple) for a line, then found out the 3.8mm parallel basically kicked (aside from the purple i put in)

tried the lamy safari, but that one's thoroughly kicked

so i used the muji fine with empire red instead

a bit of at my parents'

the blue lamy safari kicked, and the 2.4mm pilot parallel is about to

Sunday evening

Hard to fit “Shoreditch High Street” in with the 3.8mm parallel but I managed

Used the small and medium sheaffer pens for the first time in a while too

back on after a week out of town

kissing the parallel green into the emerald worked well, the parallel red not so much

Forgot to post yesterday, noticed the improved lighting at my writing table makes the emerald really pop

I’ll post today’s later once I leave my nice warm bed

Nobody will say my Japanese calligraphy is good, but nobody will say I didn’t try

sunday morning

thinkin' of my friend greg in seattle

put the iroshizuku yama-budo in the kakuno, and it's this kind of nice sedate purple

first ink i try out of the 24 samples i got and i really like it

late evening

did u know that "boylston" is just goofy boston?

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