started off with just cursive 'cause i wanted to talk about cameras & lenses, and then got into more

last pic is comparing empire red in the parallel 2.4mm, parallel magenta in the 6mm, and emerald of chivor in the 3.8mm


for tonight was somewhat done at the same time as staging a photo for tonight's beer

had some fun with "Old Bay," and catching up with which ink colors are in which pen

mid-afternoon post-work

reloaded the tiny vial i use for dippin' the dip pen in, although now that it's full it's hard to get it stirred up right

wrote a few thoughts and feelings about 's cancellation/safe mode with networking this year

i took the paper outside where the light's better for these pics, although it's not late enough to get direct sunlight where i had the table set up already

tonight's and self indulgent camera playtime

the dip pen with sepia ink behaved spectacularly well tonight, pretty happy with that part

the Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu is very pink; thin but still quite vivid, I dig it

on the camera/developing side, i'm trying Lightroom instead of Apple Photos

I probably just need to shoot booth sheets at the same time to have any hope of finding a good treatment for both of them

and i really gotta do something about that glare

did some and then i used the camera i just got to take some pics of it

need a better workflow for these absurd images, i feel like the photos app that came with my computer is not the best

video at eventually


neat little trick to write at an angle is to put a reference grid under the paper at an angle

been sporadic on the in the last few weeks, trying to get back on it

wrote a poem (last few lines on the sepia page) that feels like a haiku to me in everything but syllable count, somehow before i even knew what day it was

spent some time messing with angles and such, that was fun


really like the shape of the "g" in "Ugly"

the dip pen (the iridescent blue) behaved really well, the smallest broad nib that i have

got a pile of pens that need to be cleaned out and refilled

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