the morning's

went sepia with the dip pen, got a handle on how much i need to dip it in the future

put the empire red in the 2.4mm parallel and had a lot of fun with it; looks particularly watercolor where it dries thick

other pens too

tonight's &

need to refill the small vial for the iridescent blue

spent some time working on a gothic "B" that I'm happier with than the one I had been writing; check out that gothic "S" in "Satellite" too

the cursive stuff went well too; the Noodler's Empire Red in the Sheaffer took a dunk to start, but the Pilot Iroshizuku inks in the other ones got going right away

video soon at

tonight's and

the iridescent blue ink with the dip pen is hard to photograph with my lighting setup; came to the realization that i need to match the writing size to the nib size

did some batarde hand with the 3.8mm parallel, kind of got to a point where going fast made me write better (the last two lines of that); works great with that ink as always

opened the pilot metropolitan with the medium calligraphy nib, that might be a very frequent pen for me

US political current events, calligraphy 


got the Chiku-rin working

I'm genuinely wondering about how to make the color on the Yama-budo show up on camera

neither the webcam nor the iphone really show it (it's crimson or magenta or something like that), wonder if a SLR would do better

tuesday morning

went and messed with a nytimes-style "T" and had some fun, even if i can't get the cowlick at the top-right right

found out that my sheaffer with the empire red and the metro with pilot black are on the edge of kicking

the morning's practice

mostly wrote names of plants (mostly that I grow), and the one viewer on the stream asked me to write their name :3

kind of want a mic mount that's more isolated from the desk

video at

sunday night

streamed this, used an arm to hold the camera, worked well, it's at

gotta do some more practice with the gothic stuff

figuring out how to deal with the sheaffer pens better (although I also reloaded the 3.8mm parallel after I was done)

gonna write more tomorrow morning

finished the for the night

having the stream going is a lot of fun; being able to have a wee back & forth with viewers is nice, but even just having an excuse to put what i'm thinking into words feels like it helps me drill down on what i like

and what i like is the four "Fordlandia" variations in sepia, some nice iteration there

the setup still needs some work imo, might figure out if i can take the table a notch lower; floating camera on an arm or something would be nice too

had a nice hour of tonight, mostly demoscene stuff

the dip pen (blue) really needs me to reload its ink vial, it's mostly empty and being obnoxious on the way to kicking completely

really happy with the shape I converged on with the sepia "Razor 1911" iterations

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