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mentions of alcohol & creepy crawlies 

and today's

experimented with some letter shapes, that lowercase "g" in "gin to go" was a lot of fun, and the "C" in "Tarantula City" is something i need to mess with more

ok, did practice for the first time in over three weeks

things mostly went well! had a lot of fun, a few of the pens coöperated, and i'm planning on going again tomorrow

the morning's

went sepia with the dip pen, got a handle on how much i need to dip it in the future

put the empire red in the 2.4mm parallel and had a lot of fun with it; looks particularly watercolor where it dries thick

other pens too

tonight's &

need to refill the small vial for the iridescent blue

spent some time working on a gothic "B" that I'm happier with than the one I had been writing; check out that gothic "S" in "Satellite" too

the cursive stuff went well too; the Noodler's Empire Red in the Sheaffer took a dunk to start, but the Pilot Iroshizuku inks in the other ones got going right away

video soon at

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