@masklayer @007 sometimes I think…
who I see in the mirror…
the vague reflection in the window…
that’s the real me

nevada primary 

Watching this video ( ) from BVG (Berlin’s transit agency) and the typewriter guy 20s in is at my favorite coffee shop (The Barn roastery in Prenzlauer Berg) at my favorite spot to sit (my pix are eight months apart)

wanted to buy a 4’x8’ lattice at the store and have them cut it down to 6’ but they couldn’t cut it; got a 2’x8’ instead

just as well because I couldn’t’ve fit the 4’ wide one in my mustang and still driven the car

the morning's

went sepia with the dip pen, got a handle on how much i need to dip it in the future

put the empire red in the 2.4mm parallel and had a lot of fun with it; looks particularly watercolor where it dries thick

other pens too

Hot gaming take 

Throwback to the time I bought some hippy dippy organic fertilizer and it was just a bag of chicken shit

just saw a blue altima in Lyft use with a big snickers ad on the side



@noelle getting a Hot Work permit every time I smoke a cocktail with my blowtorch

oh, and I fussed with the MUJI pen for like 30s over the sink and got it working

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