computer forum beefs are about like programming language choices or something

i think flyertalk beefs are, like, about telling someone that their flight's gonna have the b/e aerospace seats instead of the zodiac seats that wobble a bit

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imagining wearing an "i hate flyertalk and everyone who has ever posted on flyertalk" t-shirt to the airport

guy going to the forbidden reference part of the library after dark and blowing the dust off “Java 2D Graphics” by Knudsen, with the woodcut fish on the cover

something awful forum lore 

@CodingItWrong it was in a something awful subforum, i think the poster "echinopsis"

thinking about that guy who got super mad about fractals, the concept

@scanlime so they can sell plywood, vinyl, and a bit of padding for $800


oh and it turns out money is gone from the game too

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alcohol, food 

feels good to cook some spaghetti and drink a beer


@valrus yeah, that part sucks, feeling like a plaything of entities out of your control


@jk a lot of the drink names feel kind of bolted on, yes

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