why did the peacock cross the road?

(real question, had to wait for one)

@Xyc0 idk all the memory? I still think of it as primarily a C superset

@Xyc0 I'm worried that I'd make an indecipherable mess, what with the power of ruby & safety of c

@grainloom I'm a flip-flops person normally, it's the best of both worlds

me, for the last twelve years: I dislike c++ for aesthetic reasons
me, today: I should program in c++

absolutely wonderful Chart Party

Brad Nessler: "Here comes the punting unit."
Dolphins fans: "BOOOOOOOOOOO"

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sitting down to watch the new Chart Party and this is amazing, it's thoroughly next level football analysis

watch it even if you don't watch American football, especially if you enjoyed "17776" also by Jon Bois

@volt4ire no; otoh if you got that way watching Kamala Harris…

using a calligraphy pen for jotting down quick notes and brainstorming

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