@trevorfsmith I’ve heard that spacex mostly saves money on the intensely expensive to build engines, like unless they get a lot cheaper to build that’s more a hold-up than fuel and raw materials

@trevorfsmith the first stage doesn’t usually have enough fuel for a stable orbit, I think the numbers favor it returning to the surface one way or another

@aphyr lost some context for subproject B in a thread about subsubproject C7 lol

@aphyr (microsoft teams voice) what if the whole app was threads

just got DMed by the COO of fediverse, they're saying they have to buy more servers to keep up with how fire this post is

saw a mustang with a big “TOYO TIRES” decal over the windshield, with bridgestones mounted

federal bureau of control logo, but with a rainbow for pride month

it's so fucking funny to me when i'm looking up street view for a spot where i saw a peafowl, and that mf is right there in the same spot

Just thought about that era of Ruby on Rails guys from 2009 that did some work for like six months and then pivoted to affiliate marketing

@bonzoesc projector set up to blast mind’s eye clips behind the stage

Watching clips from the European tram driver games, wish that was me

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@thraeryn honestly when i think crocs i mostly think about matt christman's prescription crocs

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