@masklayer omg yeah

that's something i've been digging about having a big camera, is the important settings are generally in thumb range

spending extra screen pixels on the viewfinder and not having a lot of shutter controls is boring

@thegibson @djsundog yeah i def. have three SSIDs on my setup, one that everyone has the key for, one enterprise one, one for microcontroller stuff that can't handle the good wifi

@thomasfuchs probably a million times easier than the ergodox, which makes it impossible to swtich to plasma or bfg

@thegibson @m4iler @tek ha, on my ergodox infinity i have that key as caps-lock, the original layer changer

doom is the game of the year every year you play doom

was in a video call with my coworker and his dog interrupted but my coworker (the coward!) didn't bring the dog in front of the camera

@faho @ashfurrow without the `-s` the thing that's created isn't really a link, it's just another equal reference to the same inode

the `-s` symlinking tries to make something analogous to that, and it's important to look at the nomenclature through the lens of hardlinking with `ln`

@faho @ashfurrow the thing that has to exist at the start of the process is the source, and the thing that does not have to exist and may be created through the process is the destination

@faho @ashfurrow you're copying the inode number from the source to the destination

@feld like it sure sucks that all the doctors, nurses, and surgeons that wear masks at work die all the time from it

@feld oxygen is also small enough to go through any mask

@FromtheAbyss the issue with that investor group (that ended up taking over the board) is the non-authentic stuff was bad to have for operational reasons

@jimpjorps making me think of those activist investors' pitch to olive garden management about how their restaurants sucked

@djsundog i have a UPS like that, i hacked it with brown packing tape

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