remember the cat with bilateral gynandromorphism? batman villains get that too

@piggo sass is so good, whenever i don't use it i end up doing less ambitious stuff

coffee, selfie 

@tcql if i had the choice between chicken biscuits or a burrito i'd pick the burrito every time even if the chicken biscuits were already open and plated

@stuts @fribbledom I don’t filter languages I don’t understand but otherwise same, kind of fun to see a toot in French and try to read it

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The Matrix (1999) taught us a valuable lesson. If someone deadnames you, then you should hit them with a train


dip pen, 3.8mm parallel, 2.4mm parallel, the usual

wrote one line with the lamy nexx in lamy blue, and then two lines with the lamy safari with the iroshizuku kon peki blue to compare; the kon peki's a bit lighter, but still easy to read

pretty sure the emerald isn't going to work in the preppy, like the sparkles are getting stuck somewhere

hadn't used the kakuno in a week so it was a bit hard to start

violence, police 



congratulations "25lb bag of rice from the asian grocery store," winning the award for "most calories per dollar" for the 54th year in a row

@grainloom you had me thinking you got to eat whale in the first line, like a peter watts story

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