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@the_good_matty the last few months I've been using lists from

I'm doing my own list for September

Saturday morning

I think my writing's a bit more wobbly in the mornings, either gonna have to write before coffee or just in the afternoon?

love this ink though: the color, the way it's a bit darker where it pools, the sparkles

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@zap I'm 25 minutes in and… this video goes places

@zap yeah, I've always been curious about 'em but never enough to drive my car in

:drake_dislike: all my normal youtube recs
:drake_like: "How Does a Florida Weigh Station Work?" from Big Rig Videos

caught up on the month of

you probably can't tell from the angle but the sparkly bits of the rouge hematite really came in

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@kzurawel oh nice, didn't know you got into the assembly stuff!

@the_good_matty @eli that U3 logo on it does mean it can do 30MB/s sequential writing c.f.

no idea how that turns into perf for loading games off it

@dashie what got me about writing that in ecto was how it was really constrained because of how much of it is done with compile-time macros instead of at run-time like activerecord

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@dashie haha this looks like when I tried to learn ecto for elixir phoenix, in a good way maybe?

one of those really flexible database things that lets you do some slick stuff