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@iliana it was snowing and raining simultaneously here for a bit which I don’t comprehend

@impiaaa I liked the compromise in BotW: terrain map filled in chunks by towers, detail filled in by visiting, rest of the game designed to nudge more than structure

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@dashie lmao how

cybercoins are awful and community-targeted altcoins are gross

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This train has switchbacks

the way you get from Tokyo to Hakone is just a series of incrementally smaller trains

“I wish there was a place that was smokier than the shittiest Vegas casino and sounded like a hockey arena after a goal but all the time.”

let me introduce you to pachinko parlors

✓ ride the entire length of the yamanote line (but not all at once)

@cult i show my caps-lock key love my reconfiguring it to ctrl

@gilscottfitzgerald you can math to get a guess, or use an antenna tuner I think