@gcupc I’m only keeping up by listening while cooking and working out

@wolf480pl @nihl I don’t think so? especially if you’re using a higher-level TCP interface that doesn’t dump responsibilities for packet splitting on you

@wolf480pl @nihl the benefit in that case is you can still use your websockets server that browser JS clients need

@nihl oh yeah idk, WS are strictly worse than TCP when TCP is an option

@wolf480pl @nihl Not quite, but websockets exist in a world where nobody can trust the client

1) the server can’t trust it because the user may not be running the JS the server provided
2) the client can’t trust it because the server may be evil

so most every bit of jank and weirdness in the protocol is there to limit the damage

@nihl like, you can visit notmalware.ru and its JS won’t be able to open connections to your router or even control the bytes going through any proxy between you and the original site

@nihl the http security model, so that untrusted clients can make connections but still stay out of trouble

@kemonine yeah, and i think it's worse with high index-of-refractance lenses (so if you're as nearsighted as I am it's worse)

Chekhov's Oval Office: if a TV show has the president in more than one first season episode by the end of the third season the main character gets to be president

@kemonine especially if they're tricolor LEDs, tricolors are miserable for people with prescription glasses due to chromatic aberration

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