"pog champ" is the thing that makes me feel the most principal skinner

jon Bois “20020” 

You can’t clean up wet stuff with a broom! It’s gonna get all nasty.

You go over to Juice’s house and he’s just like vacuuming his front lawn

Juice is like “time to do the dishes!”

Goes to get his fucking rake

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First we get a 17776 sequel and now a new Mouth album???????????


@Antillion i did a "cringe" impression of two of my friends and won an expensive desk

jon bois "20020" 

@waifu lmao oh god just got there and i am dying

i love that "play to street" is making a comeback from his earlier work, "the tim tebow cfl chronicles"

jon bois "20020" 

> welcome to college football saturday:

jon bois "20020" 



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web/javascript rant 

burn it. lets burn the web down and start over

apparently to display this number you need:

- react/gatsby (at least a few hundred dependencies), because javascript is the only way to display a number in the web browser

- netlify/vercel and aws lambda, so not only do you have potential aws lock-in, but also another platform built on top of it

- a proprietary, hosted-only, nosql database

now we can increment and display a number! 🎉

i'm lying/making this up but

the sega channel ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sega_Cha ) was only ever used by people related to a cable company employee that could get it for free

@codl Obama for America 2012 did this; once there was a campaign credit card with billing set up, groups inside the campaign could go hog wild provisioning stuff without having to talk to accounting or a lawyer

@codl for me the main reason it gets used is once you've got your accounting department and customer sold on basically any AWS service it's easy to add more

doesn't hurt that the access control stuff works well, and that there are a lot of parts of it that become useful in bigger deploys (isolated networks, easy to set up NFS, etc)

there's a cold edge to the breeze this morning that's really nice

@MrControl neoliberal society demands that we get in and out of vehicles on a frequent basis, and also built vehicles that don't have the space for big hats

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