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A spectre is haunting Europe. (Karl Marx weighing in on x86 speculative execution)

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i love using torrents to download public domain works and linux installation images

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all cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme
Facebook is actively evil
Panopticoin is a very bad idea

@valrus today mine had a bunch of parmesan, spam, and croutons there

if k8s is so great why isn't there a k9s

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The greatest lie that anti-hipster propaganda ever told is that pour-over coffee is complicated. It is the simplest way to make coffee. Thank you

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@KateLibC iirc there's some custom or thing about prayers to st. Francis that require paying to have them published, like in newspaper classifieds traditionally

@tedu haha I know what lobsters link you just hit

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overtaken by an urge to vandalize this sign as it is CLEARLY missing an L

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@kemonine do any of those even have floats in silicon, or is it just a library?

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