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"Just your Normal Day in Salmon Run…"

Been on a splatoon kick recently after surgery and created an inkling character like my friends did! The one holding on the egg screaming is Saturn (mine), the one holding the bomb w/ Maws is Laz (lazyreptile @ tumblr ), May (hunterbahamut @ tumblr) and Kaz (yark-wark @ tumblr)

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #illustration #splatoon #splatoon2 #SalmonRunMode #SalmonRun

second of two drills, and tomorrow I catch up!

just love it when you can escape, run around the corner, and wait

i swear half the reason to use missiles is to make opponents make brash moves

*banging knife and fork on table* TEAM WIPE TEAM WIPE TEAM WIPE

@fluttergirly congratulations, going for that after shopping

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@Shufei @cypnk I was in Beijing a week ago, and while being outside wasn't pleasant, i wasn't in any kind of distress

last picture is Detroit at 6pm on a weekday, for comparison

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