@SlowRain nice! i've enjoyed all the rhodia books i've used

i've found pilot iroshizuku inks to work well with paper, but they're not as dramatic as the j. herbin 1670 emerald of chivor

@feld @SlicerDicer @thegibson haha yeah that is the computer toucher's dilemma: do i value my time/attention, my privacy, or my money?

@feld @thegibson my "smart" thermostat story

2012: bought a nest when they were cheap right before the second gen came out
2015: moved to a big house in the 'burbs, nest didn't see much traffic, got ecobee, paid a/c guy to install c-wire, still spent $200/month on a/c
2017: apartment, no c-wire back to nest, but it's in a high-foot-traffic area, spending $60/month on a/c
2018: apartment down the street, no c-wire, thermostat in high-traffic area

@feld @thegibson i haven't hooked my ecobee up in years (been renting smaller places that don't have C-wires) :/

@feld @thegibson i wonder how easy the sensor protocol is to parse

@feld oh huh thanks for the reminder to check my filter situation

wtf i hope that's fireworks but i wish they wouldn't

@Truck kick ass, i think about the lyrics to that one at least weekly

had a nice hour of tonight, mostly demoscene stuff

the dip pen (blue) really needs me to reload its ink vial, it's mostly empty and being obnoxious on the way to kicking completely

really happy with the shape I converged on with the sepia "Razor 1911" iterations

food advice 

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