dealing with the boat ramp on a sunday afternoon looks like a lot of work

thanks for joining me for some !

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saw a bee on a firebush (hamelia patens), and a couple green anoles on wild coffee (psychotria nervosa, not affiliated with coffeea arabica)

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went down to the park and marina just now for a little wander

didn't catch any of the m32 world races, but a couple of the boats hadn't been packed for travel yet

the capsized boat the crocodile was on last week (c.f. ) had vanished

some nice clouds and other stuff too


Hell yeah, movie night with friends! Rip and tear…

it'd be really cool if instead of slack and discord and imessage and irccloud i could just run adium

this is the part where i heard the rooster and got distracted from the colors by loud birds

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went up to shake-a-leg since i'd heard the rest of the boats were up there

also checked in on the iguanas even though i knew they were wound down for the night

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wanted to go out again to see more of the racing boats, thanks to some intel from @lenary

made sure to go late enough i'd catch the golden hour and sunset too

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