you’ve heard of carcinization[1] now get ready for dendronization

[1]: if you haven’t, the excellent post defines it for you

@vogon lmao this sucks

“Should we make it so you can close the frunk without special instruction?”

The bus:
- Already exists
- can go where cars already go
- saying "thanks" when you get off

lmao that we all kind of decided to call the guy "linux torvalds"


lazy noodles; tofu, the rooster booster from the jar, homemade teriyaki

@FromtheAbyss i don't remember many of the details because i watched it on a ten hour flight, but i wouldn't mind watching it again haha

your posting is good and we all like to read it, thank you

didn’t see any of the black spiny iguanas, not for lack of looking, but it was also pretty “busy” in that part of the neighborhood

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