@milan the shape of the cat in the first pic is beautiful, so exaggerated

@iamdustin i actually got the dish from a mobile gaming expert!

the devs take just a generic well-optimized gameplay loop, figure out a demographic that's cheap to advertise to, mash new graphics on it, and advertise

@codl i agree, i see lots of people talking about how great it is but to me it's just gears of war but a sword guy kicks your ass and the sound is sampled at like 8000hz

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@jk if it's a paper coaster (like at a restaurant or bar) you can put salt on top of the coaster to help break the surface tension

wild dolphin eating 

took a pic of a dolphin eating a fish

@cpsdqs @piggo i guess i think of shutter as a proxy for brightness even in the absence of clipping at the top or bottom

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