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for thursday

all of Portland seemed cool but this station had one of the best names

computer gripe 

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computer gripe 

trying to finish a project but i keep reading about german trains

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Time for another reminder about how bad the Salvation Army is I guess

wednesday evening

went to a cool bar (badehaus?) with @bitboxer and some other friends near warschauer straße after , it was a delightful evening

when i switch my showerhead from "pleasant rain" to "delightful mist" i have to switch it through "massage from bogdan, the world's strongest man" or "The Flenser"

lmao I love the German language

I don't know it at all, but "Straßenbahnlinie" makes me think "street rail line" and that is a perfect description of what a tram is

(photo © Stadt Leipzig / Roland Quester)

chapo trap house 

politics, catchphrase 

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hi everyone. i have made a very detailed criticism of microsoft windows. please ensure that you let all of your friends now about this fatal windows design flaw

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lmao there are two modern jaguar owners here commiserating about electrical weirdness

four red cars at the tire shop

somehow outnumbering the grey cars

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when I get a game that lets you pick between good & evil I'm always like "I'll try evil this time" but cannot bring myself to be rude to any of the polygons


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