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:drake_dislike: my summer car
:drake_like: my winter train

(video cw: violence against animals, alc)

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Accessibility isn't just for "disabled" people.

Accessibility benefits EVERYONE, from the people who are severely impacted to those who find the extra options convenient, and everyone in between.

THERE IS NO DOWNSIDE to making your stuff more accessible.

when I closed the windows this morning I forgot to turn on the a/c and now it’s 82°F in here

music take 

*smashing pumpkins voice*
the world is my toilet

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ruby why 

had some fun with today's

the capital "F" can be a real hoot to write, and so is a sufficiently gothy "d"

erlang is better than C, simple fact, I don't make the rules, sorry, don't @ me

love too take a date to "SHELL LUMBER & HARDWARE COMPANY" and then hit "COCONUT GROVE GALLERY & INTERIORS" for dessert


did late last night and fell asleep before uploading the pic

and then i did more writing this morning and now i'm drinking coffee

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infosec; IPS vs. IDS 

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on that criteria, C is the most ambitious social network of all

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