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Did today’s while listening to the podcast “Henry Kissinger is Pokémon Going to Die (Not a Threat, Just a Fact)”

the emerald of chivor ink mostly works okay in the dip pen

tried and failed to daisy chain an hdmi-dvi adapter, a dvi cable, and a dvi-mini-display-port adapter to plug a Nintendo switch into an old imac

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Since I've gotten back to the States in 2017, I've been in the vicinity of three mass shootings, all of them have been racist white dudes.

No, I'm not going to be nice and cordial talking about how white people are literally mowing people down because of a completely imagined threat.

If this offends you, go ahead and hit that unfollow button because I'm not going to stop.

Black and Brown folks are trying to live through fear everyday. I could give a fuck less about white feelings.

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got a dip pen

don’t expect my August practice to be done with any regularity

gameing, positive 

like, I’ve been farther away for longer, but

remembering that time I left my house (17h ago)

yeah, I like PERL
Programming in
Ruby, and

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Regular brain: I’ve gotta be in wynwood in the morning
Exploding brain: I’ll stay in wynwood all day and just walk places
Galaxy brain: I will not need an umbrella

“Radioactive” just came on but it’s making me think of the national anthem

it's fucked up there's a Star Trek thing in Vegas but it's not at the V'dara *cusses in klingon*

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