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one nice thing about "this old house" is it doesn't do the discovery channel bull shit where the last 30s before the break is telling you what's coming after the break, and then the first 30s after the break is telling you what's just happened before the break

low key trying to figure out how to get more "This Old House" eps

yeah, i believe in MGTOW 

90% of all construction is making straight lines and 90° angles

borderlands 3, Rhys 

i opened my last storm shutter (facing southwest on my office) a couple weeks back and honestly i'm gonna close it again, makes the office way cooler


the tips on my speedball c-nibs aren't square which is why they seemed kind of fussy yesterday


saturday for

library book said i've been using the dip nibs upside down but i'm not 100% sure about that

you, a philistine: buhhhhhh wendies made a dungeons & dragons
me, a man of culture: chex quest really needs to balance ammo availability on UV difficulty

had a browser tab labeled "Florida Vines" open from last night but it was about plants and not videos

spent my evening with gzdoom builder bugfix, pretty neat if a bit unwieldy (windows is a sewer)

wanted to use my espresso machine today for the first time in several years, now i'm three spros in and i think i have it and my technique dialed in for tomorrow

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