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every time i successfully drink something while only holding the glass with one hand i feel real good about myself

i'm into applied numismatics: knowing which coins can be used as improvised drivers with which screws


weather discourse 

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Ok but like can we stop pretending that there are universal "optimal" or even "good" and "bad" weather and remember that everyone lives in very different parts of the world where, by and large, we've been raised and socialized in various climates and societies formed around said climates with their own perceptions of the biomes and seasons in which they exist? Two people who hate writer will likely hate it for different reasons if they live in two diff places

terrible advice 

poisonous animals, us politics adjacent 

sorry to everyone hearing construction noises in my calls this morning

demanded “18 large” in ransom but they brought me a bunch of cash instead of the eighteen eggs I wanted

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Vector fields be like



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i really put my foot in my mouth at the health conference when i confused orthodontics and orthopedics

game editing 

medical/dietary joke 

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