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three fresh serranos / two dried chipotles / and a ghost pepper in my beans

us politics 

Joe Biden [‘s campaign] sent me an email and it’s all I can do not reply asking him to draw a clock

computed really hard today and now i'm tired


fried rice with alligator, fresh eggs, bell peppers, carrots, and garlic; at sunset

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at the end, blåhaj will be reunited with rödhaj and grönhaj and the world will be cleansed in seawater


Popping my shirt off to eat takeout sushi

Just saw a cool lizard but it was hauling ass too fast to take a picture of


things that are thrilling
* roller coasters
* going places you don't speak the language
* calling the video format "MPREG" and seeing who notices
* meeting a new cat

put a UV filter on my big lens because the mounting ring up front is kind of busted

it's messed up that web developers haven't found a way to make corners even less round than orthogonal
:battery_empty: rounded corners
:battery_low: corners
:battery_full: downright pointy corners

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anyone on here do commissions of, like, vector art of cars?

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