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*queensryche voice*
don't ever trust
don't ever trust the corporates
they lie

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*danny devito voice* oh whoops, looks like i dropped my SHIPPING CONTAINER that i'll have to pick up with my MASSIVE CRANE

weird to say this but I need to get up off the couch and video games are how I’m incentivizing myself

what did people wear to work before john naismith invented basketball and, by extension, basketball shorts


should've cooked and eaten those chicken wings hours ago, damn good


put some bonito soup stock in the rice and it’s really close to a particular flavor of fried rice I love and had, until today, never replicated

it was a bit gloomy out at 8am and it's been thunderstorming for an hour now

it must kick ass to have the kind of job where you put user surveys in production software
* abbreviation for Net Promoter Score is "NPS"
* all you care about is "NPS"
* no insight as to why
* N̷P̸S̴ ̷i̵s̴ ̸a̶l̶l̴ ̵a̷n̴d̸ ̷a̴l̵l̸ ̶i̵s̷ ̴N̶P̴S̴

sealife, food, philosophy 

Stage One:
an octopus
Initially, the sign is a reflection of basic reality

Stage Two:
octopus sushi
The sign masks a basic reality. The image becomes a distortion of reality.

Stage Three:
"Takoyaki-Style Tofu Puffs"
The sign marks the absence of basic reality. The image calls into question what the reality is and if it even exists.

Stage Four:
a hot dog cut octopus style
The sign bears no relation to any reality whatsoever; it is its own pure simulacrum.



brioche bun, beyond patty, tomato, lettuce, mayo, mustard, secret aardvark

pretty good

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