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Do not start the Zoom meeting 5 minutes early. I'm using those 5 minutes to heat up macaroni & cheese & shovel it into my maw, because the previous Zoom meeting ended 5 minutes early.

it would be cool if there was "This Old House" for apartments

20020, chapter 8 

one thing i'm really curious about is the mismatch between the public score estimates and the actual numbers:

> Our best estimates previously put Michigan State at around 25, Georgia Southern at at least 20, at Georgia Tech at 15 or very close to it.

while the official numbers from ch4 have michigan statea at 15, georgia southern at 11, and georgia tech at 9

lots too think about

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20020, chapter 8 

> absolutely brilliant. a big, sprawling game, far larger than any conventional sport that would follow. designed as a substitute for death.
> it's inspired me beyond words
> i mean
> does it remind you of anything?

I wonder how many toilet brushes get made worldwide every year, how exactly it tracks toilet production

do they wear out

us politics shitpost, ice cream, epstein reference 

Jeni’s is ice cream for people who wish they were or weren’t in the Epstein flight logs

yeah i watched the new thing introduction

[image content warning: disgusting vegetable]

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