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alcohol, selfie 

went to get beers to take home, the professor got me to hang out for a couple hours


sauteed some carrots, a big white onion, couple stalks of celery, some small sweet peppers, and like four cloves of garlic in beef grease
added two scoops of black eyed peas, two dried ghost peppers, bunch of cumin and oregano, some liquid smoke, and 1.5L water
pressure cooked at high pressure for 28 minutes, let it decompress naturally while i waited for rice

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made spicy beans, ate 'em with rice, gives me life

terrifying vision, us politics somehow 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson walking down the Capitol steps singing “You’re Welcome” from Moana on January 20, 2025

saw a cardinal get chased by a mockingbird

in the first pic, the mockingbird is on a wire left of the utility pole

cursed hypothetical food 

baked sushi loaf

vaccine disinformation shitpost 

(LCD Soundsystem Voice) Bill Gates is looking through my eyes, my eyes

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