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wwdc shitpost 

"hey siri, wake me up inside"
"can't wake up"

butterfly, also end of thread 

atala butterflies on firecracker bushes

thanks for reading!

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the area near the kapok tree is less fuzzy than it was a few weeks ago, but it's not completely devoid of fuzz

no parrots though ;_;

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the one hen with chick i saw were staying pretty deep in the foliage

a bit down the street there was a larger flock of them, a couple peacocks and a bunch of peahens

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Ads are a bane of society and to block them is an act of reclamation of the mind

imagining a guy so enamored with modern technology but it's 19th century stuff like the Westinghouse Air Brake or toilet paper or staplers

fidget toy during meetings

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