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papparazzi'd this peacock through gaps in a chain link fence at a construction site

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from the big park, i went up the hill a bit to "peafowl alley" (my name, from this morning) to look at birds

if you don't like peafowl this thread is probably not for you lol

lots of young ones out, must've hatched later in the season than i'd've guessed, or they don't grow as fast as i think they do

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went out around 9a today, knew lizards wouldn't've woken up yet, but peafowl are definitely up and at it

saw this candle again from a few days ago

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Feeling old; they change the color of butane cans, and I had a hard time finding them

:battery_ok: found a drum & bass playlist
:battery_full: it's over seven hours long

wanted to be clever and name a work project after the green iguana's latin name but those mfs are literally "iguana iguana"

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