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osprey eating a fish 

saw this osprey carrying a fish they caught, so i put on the big lens and got a few (a hundred) pics

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change of venue for work today

pretty nice but easy to get distracted by critters

so I brought the camera for

Sam Porter Bridges: “whoops! I dropped my monster backpack cover level 2 that I use for my magnum cargo”

just remembered the agent at the airport telling me to "have a nice flight," to which I replied "thanks! you too" and she immediately fired back with "take me with you!"

(Dizzee Rascal voice)
I’m a fiend for a big toothy reptile
When I see one I’m happy for a long while


got the Japanese breakfast at Azay in LA and it was incredibly good

selfie, weird food, beverage 

took the train back towards home, said hi to the iguana tree gang, got some fruits (not this one, too weird), and a soda

thanks for joining me!

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did some squats trying to get this flower framed right, and that tired me the hell out lol

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tried to get this statue to starburst, but clouds blocked the sun, so I found someone else interesting about them

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