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Spider, crab (separate pictures) 

(First pic) Almost went in the orchidarium, but there were a bunch of spider webs up and I didn’t want to disturb them that much

(Second and third pics) saw a crab there too

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Peafowl, including a color pattern of peacock that’s not super common

When I was crossing a street on my way home, the guy in the third pic was crossing the opposite direction, yelled at me loudly when we were like 3’ apart, and then as I was going up the pedestrian ramp over us-1 he flew up there with a friend, paused, and flew back down to the ground

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wordle spoiler 

choo choo

Wordle 319 3/6



Started raining while I was going for groceries


listening to “Spybreak” by the Propellerheads while I eat an entire avocado alone


made lazy tofu takoyaki with pancake mix and not enough adulterations to it lol

more an eating activity than a meal you cook and then eat but c’est la vie

Want a Calvin's dad sticker and he's peeing on the concept of not building character

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