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gross and stupid, covid 

passing the time while i wait for a covid test by pulling my nose hairs with tweezers until i sneeze

(bernie sanders voice) i am once again thinking about doom 4

today's walk was at like noon, pretty hot and harsh light

this yellow-crowned night heron was hanging out in the shade

dubious food choices 

put mayonnaise on a tortilla chip to cut the heat afterwards since i don't have any ice cream

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made spicy shrimp with noodles, possibly too spicy since i used three hot peppers

gotta sneak through this mansion’s featureless hallways you could drive a car through to steal a book of rhymes

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thinking about the bad stealth parts of GTA San Andreas where you gotta listen to CJ loudly breathe through his nose like a new challenger just entered the public restroom

watching "Deadwood" and i've noticed focus breathing (when a shift in focus also zooms a bit in or out) in a few shots lol, learning about lenses has broken me

watching that new technology connections and g_d electric cars are just so depressing

just the shitty little landscaping around these huge cabinets

it's the automotive infrastructure version of landlord paint

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