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two teenagers filming a dance video in the shade of a poinciana

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massive city park, dozens of acres, hundreds of feet on the water, guy setting up a chair in the strip between the parking lot and busy road because he can listen to his car stereo there

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Help wanted in the back of a whiskey truck: “Is your career on the rocks? Join our FAMILY”

“…every photograph is a lie, and if it succeeds, that lie will be full of truth.”

Bryan Peterson, “Understanding Portrait Photography”


assuming everyone bemoaning the end of the choco taco hasn’t had one since the ‘90s

“Imagining a guy” is very similar to bitcoin mining, in that everyone’s racing really hard to find a match that they then need to share to claim credit for, and also that it uses as much electricity as Scandinavia

caesar trustworthiness is relative to their size and permanence

* caesars palace: untrustworthy, too many
* kaiser permanente: untrustworthy, too eternal
* caesar's legion: fascists
* little caesar's: cheap food

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Sure are a lot of temples to their deathless king, their ceaseless Caesar, their emperor eternal, their Kaiser permanente in this town

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all people in Sacramento know is worship an eternal Caesar, eat hot chip, and lie

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when bolsonaro goes to the hospital

me, putting garbage in: hell yeah. this is fun. shoveling garbage.

me, getting garbage out: what the hell. who put this garbage here.

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