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lmao what bozo AI decided i want to do kiteboarding, all i see in duolingo and youtube ads is ads for kiteboarding

did someone mistype "keyboarding?"

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if i want to hold my arms out and run around while making airplane noises i basically have to go outside because i'm too big to make that work indoors

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@bonzoesc this post inspired me to get it yesterday and today i have hand cramps. a+ so far

if you think about it, we're all retrocomputing enthusiasts decades ahead of our times

finished side A of today and through Things i'm thinkin' about mario maker and @wpo 's "Dogmario 15"

hot dog!

my totp 2fa code just ended with "420"

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sippin' a beer at the coffee shop and trying to finish a first draft

reasonably happy with this tweet-to-mastodon-copier i wrote in crystal to copy over switch posts

hack the .env file and probably also figure out what the biggest media file your instance accepts is

it's very rough so lmk about issues (no warranty though)

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