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:drake_dislike: alexa laughing at people because of a programming error
:drake_like: siri just fucking guffawing for three minutes straight when i clicked to "transit" in apple maps in the town my parents live in

mastodon v2.3.0 PROTIP: if you keep a separate frontend web server (caddy, in my case) in your docker-compose don't forget to tell it which networks to be on

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on social media in tv/movies
tiny brain: fake site that never looks outdated
normal brain: facebook that looks outdated in five years
genius brain: twitter that looks outdated in a year
galaxy brain: snapchat that looks oudated in two weeks
expanding universe brain: fake site that instantly looks outdated

why is random.shuffle even a thing in python, like the one dang method that operates in place

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yessss it's <70°F and i've got the windows open

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github's dependency vulnerability scanning is good, especially if you don't have 100 dead projects you'll never touch again on github

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what if you filmed a 90 minute trip to blockbuster video in 2002 when you and your friends just say the names of movies on the shelf you're not going to rent

and made it a spielberg movie

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