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late night because my morning meeting definitely doesn’t throw my normal schedule off

math problem 

"This Old House" rebuilt a house in miami after Hurricane Andrew, watchin' this

while i was at the grocery store yesterday i looked at the coffee section, and it was so dire

coffee with roast dates six, seven, eight months ago

most of the coffee in my house has a roast date in the future, not even an exaggeration

favorite notebook size

also noticing how oils from my finger interact with the ink

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taking notes for what i'm about to do

wrote the header with the calligraphy pen, put it back in the mug, reached for medium-nib pen to write the rest of the page, grabbed the calligraphy pen


is there a part of "joker" where the main guy says "we live in a society?"

saved my for the evening

switched paper from the glossy laser printer paper (that had a misprint on the back side) back to tomoe river, and it's nice having paper thin enough to let me put a grid behind it

refilled my fine metro and yup, it's probably the finest pen i have

also took the parallel 2.4 out at the end, love that pen

“Be real nice if MY PHONE set a timer for 15 minutes…”

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What if instead of computer assistants responding to direct commands they responded to snidely asked questions?

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when you realize you can browse the web from your terminal 

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